Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Felted Wool Brooches For Freddie


One of my best friends moved half way around the world almost 4 months ago.  So, I wanted to send her a happy.  She mentioned seeing some felted wool brooches she thought were cool at a market and I thought I could make them.  I went to the 4 Cs in Clinton and bought two old 100% wool sweaters.  I didn't take a picture of them before I cut them up, which I hate, but imagine huge gold buttons and shoulder pads.  After cutting out the zippers, buttons, and shoulder pads, I washed the fabric on hot and dried it on high heat.  I did this a few times to achieve felting that I liked.  I twisted up the seaming to make the rose looking brooch above and hot glued it to a circle I cut out of the felted fabric.  Here's a close up:

For the next one I used the first yo-yo I made.  I sewed it to a felted fabric circle and glued a button on top.  This one may be my favorite:

Freddie sent me some pictures of the brooches on her garments:

For the third one I cut circles of felted wool and cotton fabric, stitched them together, and stitched around the outside of the felt.  I then covered a button and glued it on top.  Here's a picture I took of all three of  them before I shipped them off to Australia:

I love making things for friends.  It makes it that much more fun.  What can I make for you?