Friday, May 13, 2011

Weekend Sewing

This weekend was very fun.  Friday night Justin and I made a pizza like this one.  I spent most of the day Saturday sewing before a fun party.  Then we had lots of good time with family on Sunday.

So, about the sewing:  We had a going away party for Freddie and her husband Saturday night, and I made a fabric envelope for everyone at the party to put notes in for them to read on the plane.  I also made them some quilted coasters.  I'd been working on the coasters for the past few weeks a little at a time, but I made the envelope from start to finish on Saturday.  I think it turned out pretty well.  Here are some pictures of my projects:

cutting the batting

more cutting


more coasters!

The fabrics for the "V" coasters are from a quilt shop I've recently found in Ridgeland, Bernina Sewing Etc.  I really enjoyed looking around in this shop.  They have classes available as well.  I think it would be really fun to work there.  The fabric for the other coasters is from Swell Cloth.  It's an etsy shop by a sewist who has a blog and podcast.  Yes, I'm nerdy like that, I listen to podcasts about quilting - they keep me sane at work...  I enjoy learning about sewing from these podcasts and blogs... there's a whole sewing community in the blog/podcast world I didn't know existed until recently, and it's fun to see what others are doing.  Anyway, on to pictures of the fabric envelope:


Finished Envelope!

close up of the stitching

The fabric for this project is also from the Bernina shop.  I quilted hearts on the United States (trying to cover Mississippi and Texas) and on Australia (trying to cover Sydney), and then stitched a squiggly line connecting the two.  Except for the short fight I had with my sewing machine (I'm still learning to use it well... don't worry, I won), this was a fun, relatively quick project that will hopefully remind our friends of us in the coming 28 months.

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  1. Emily's projects were perfect presents. I'll definitely be using her for all my sewing needs when we get back!