Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cousin Camp

The "Big" Cousins

    A few weeks ago the Martin girls (my grandmother and great aunt's daughters and their daughters) got together for a few days for the first annual Cousin Camp.  We made Martin Memories and had a blast.  We cooked, ate, cooked, ate, and ate some more.  We also went out on the boat and tubed and had a "boatnick," and a few of us (by us I don't mean me) jumped off a waterfall.  Words can't express the craziness and fun we had.  Pictures really tell the story best.

The first day basically all we did was cook and eat.  We even made mozzarella!  Check out that story and all the awesome food here.

Us and our food!

Tubing on the lake was very fun and a little painful.  I was very sore, ridiculous, I know.

Our wonderful driver, Ginny!


We convinced mom to tube with us, it was quite hilarious.  Just getting on the tube was an ordeal.  We managed to keep her on until the very end, we forgot to pull back when we were slowing down and she went flying forward and under the tube.  It was pretty hilarious.

trying to figure out where to hold on

happily on the other tube

Katie Ruth switched tubes for a little while.

Us all falling off, you can't see mom because she's under the tube

Katie Ruth and I saving her life

Mom talking about seeing "the light"

Depending on how she's feeling when she tells the story she was under the tube for anywhere from 30 seconds to 90 minutes.  It's pretty hilarious to hear her tell it.  We're all glad she survived.  Needless to say, she did not tube again.

Isn't she so cute?
Before heading to the waterfall, we stopped to get gas and had some fun:

Trying not to burn

Instead of showing pictures of the jumping from the waterfall, here are some videos... enjoy.

BOATNICKING! (We ate a lot, but we ate WELL.)

Laughing... we did this a lot.

 Here's the whole clan (minus Sarah, she had to go to school :( we missed her):

Here are our battle scars:

It was a great trip... makes you wish you were a Martin, doesn't it?

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