Friday, April 1, 2011

A Bar Stool Is Here!

Remember this post?  Well... the bar stools were delivered Tuesday!
Look how well the green color matches the other green things in my kitchen:

It's like they were made for me!  Freddie came over after work to work on our blog and was there when I opened the boxes and laughed at me running around the kitchen taking pictures of the stool top with everything.  It was fun.

Then I tried to start putting it together... fail.  This is how far I got:

Can you see how far the screws are still sticking out?  Now, I don't consider myself a weakling... I'm actually pretty strong for a girl.  (I'm not as strong as Sherry at Young House Love...this post made me laugh.)  But, I just couldn't get the screws in all the way!  I think if I'd kept trying for several more hours I would've eventually gotten it, but it was taking forever, and I needed to finish cooking supper, and I wasn't enjoying the process, so I just let my husband take over when he got home.  That's what husbands are for anyway, right?  I come up with the fun ideas, and he does the manual labor... sounds good to me!

When I gave up, AnnaBelle decided to see what she could do, but she stepped on the bag the screws came in and the tape stuck to her.  Then she gave up too.

She didn't appreciate me taking pictures of her before I took it off, but she wasn't hurting and I thought she was cute. :)

After Justin got home and we ate supper he had the stool together in no time... the good stool that is...
It's not all fun and games, one of them was damaged... sad day.  The Foundary handled it very well though.  They were very prompt in their response and we are getting a new one and we'll get a full refund when they receive the bad one back in their warehouse.  So, that's the reason for the title of this post being "A Bar Stool Is Here" and not "The Bar Stools Are Here."  So, a little disappointment, but still a very exciting night.

Here's the final product:
Side View

Back View

Front View

 I'm excited to get the other one in and take pictures of the completed space... post on that to come!
Thanks for reading!  Let me know what you think!

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