Friday, September 16, 2011

Getting Organized

We always seem to have paper everywhere.  I'm not really even sure where it comes from, but I know it gets on my nerves.  So, I decided we needed a designated place to put things that need to be dealt with besides the dining table.  That's where I got the idea for this mail pocket/cork board.

I started with some planks from a wood pallet.

I cleaned them and played with the arrangement.    Then I nailed them together.

Next I cut a piece of sheet metal I had from a project I did several years ago.  I folded over and hammered the edges so they wouldn't be sharp.  Then I worked on the placing of the pocket.

Next I place a plank on the bottom, so the papers won't fall through, and nailed it into place.

I had to have Justin help me nail the metal to the sides of the boards.  I kept bending nails... he was awesome.

Next, I used a staple gun to attach the cork to the back of the planks.  Then I hot glued a "Q" I had painted yellow to go with the other yellow accents in our house.  Then, I glued a magnet to some yo-yos I had made and put it on the metal.

Here it is on the wall:

Here it is already in use!


  1. I love all these cute things you are making with the pallets! You are so good!

  2. Using a magnet on the yo-yo was such a good idea! Now, it can hold receipts, pictures, or coupons. So cute!