Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Few Recent Updates

We've made several additions over the past month and it's starting to feel like we actually live here.  First we ordered a rug to warm up our scored and stained concrete floors.  We looked several places... rugs are much more expensive than I feel they should be, but I think we ended up with a great one.  We got it from CSN Stores, which had the best price for the rug we wanted, and it came with a free rug pad and free shipping!  It was a little of a gamble because we didn't get to see it in person before purchasing, but I read all the reviews and it sounded great so we bought it.  I think the colors turned out perfectly and it feels wonderful!  Here it is in our living room:

We also finally got something to put a lamp on!  The table from this post took a little longer than expected so I was thrilled to get this table into our space.  I love Repeat Street, it's an awesome consignment shop in Ridgeland.  I love to go just look around because there's always something different there.  This time I found a wonderful metal table that had been painted yellow for only $38.  It is distressed from years of use and looks perfect just the way it is, so it went right in next to the love seat.  Here it is:

I got the table on the same day the rug was delivered and loved putting everything in place.  The "fluffing" is still in progress, but here's a picture of how the new additions look in the room:

I love how the room is coming together!  

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  1. so i just caught up on like every blog you've written - ha ha and I SO should be asleep since Ryleigh is...blog stalking (i mean following) is addictive! Love all of your projects and am so super happy for you and justin! Keep on posting all the fun you are having making your house a home!