Friday, April 8, 2011

Ikea = Overwhelming

Since we got married almost 3 months ago we've been very busy.  Justin has worked a lot and we've always got something going.  So, when our schedules matched up to have a weekend off we decided to take a second honeymoon trip to Atlanta!  (So, it wasn't really a second honeymoon I guess, it's just what we jokingly called it... just go with it.)  It was a little of a crazy weekend, but it was really great just to spend quality time together.  We went to Six Flags,

ate a the Cheesecake Factory,

and went to IKEA.

These are our IKEA faces.

We were really excited.  This was our first trip to IKEA and it was a little overwhelming.  It was also a little disappointing because we didn't find any of the furniture pieces we went to buy.  But we had lots of fun looking around anyway, and managed to find several other things we're pretty excited about.  Here's Justin in the check out line with all the fabulous finds:

Here are a few pictures of where some of our "finds" found their home in our house:

Arching Floor Lamp

I really like this one.

Napkin Holder (and napkins!)

AnnaBelle thinks this floor lamp is cool...

...or maybe she just wanted to be in the pictures.

This is probably not where all of these pieces will stay permanently, but it works for now, and we like having them out.  More progress shots to come.

Speaking of progress... our other bar stool came in this week!  Here's the pair together at the bar:

I really like them.  The kitchen is almost complete!


  1. the arching floor lamp is awesome...and i seriously love the green barstools - thanks for posting!! want to come decorate our house in Madagascar? ;)

  2. Sounds like you had a fun weekend, so glad y'all got to do that. I've never been to IKEA but it sounds like to definitely could be overwhelming.

  3. I love seeing your house come together. And I love seeing you and Justin in these first few months of marriage. The first year goes by in a blink for sure, but I treasurer all the memories and lessons learned during it! Seeing you and Justin brings back a lot of warm fuzzies! :)

  4. Oh girl - you know I love me some Ikea!! t=Thanks for popping in...stay tuned for my giveaway that is launching this Sunday. Judging from the rest of your blog I think it will be right up your alley!! :)