Friday, March 4, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well... We've been in our home a little over a month now and still have a little bit (by little bit I really mean crazy huge amount) to go in getting settled.  Building our house was a wonderful experience for us, mainly because we had a wonderful builder.  He does really great work, very efficiently.  Amazing.  Check out his website here.  Now to pictures of the day we moved in.  These pictures do help me to see how far we've already come and they're a good "before" place to start.  So, here we go...

Our Bedroom

Our Bathroom
Our Shower/Tub
Justin's Closet
My Closet
Guest Bathroom

Laundry Room

Guest Bedroom

Upstairs Hallway/ Stairwell

Downstairs (view from the garage door)

Half Bath

Pantry/Dining Area

Kitchen/Dining Area

Living Room

Move-in day was wonderful.  We had lots of great friends and family help out.  We are very grateful to have such amazing friends.  (Check out a few of their blogs here, here, and here.)  More house progress to come in future posts... I've been dying to have something to put a lamp on in our living room.  I found a great piece for just that yesterday!  Pictures coming soon!



  1. Hey emily,
    congratualtions ! firstlt for your marriage and also for your new home .Its a dreamcome true when you get to marry the guy yo u love and to top it you get the home of your dreams .Well you have a beautifully designed house i must say sumdng i desire too when i marry and that too with my love .The kitchen ,the bathrooms are seriously nicely done and as far as the desinging thing is concerned cant find better stuff to design than ina country like india .M sure you cnt make it here but the stuff to decorate our home aahhh .Well your honeymoon pics are cute too seems you had a lot of fun and you should keep on your designing spree coz may be it may turn out to be your hidden talent ..Tak cre and njoi !!

  2. Love it! So nice! Your light fixtures are awesome. Can't wait to see how you decorate it!

  3. Thanks for the blog shout out!! I am so glad that yall are in Clinton!!

  4. Thanks for the encouraging comments! I'll post some "in progress" pictures soon!

  5. Love it! Can't wait to see how you decorate.