Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Cubs

The same day we got the credenza (from this post), we also got two awesome bookshelves from When Pigs Fly.  This store is amazing!  We'd been looking for something to go on either side of the fireplace since before we moved into our house, and these were the perfect find.  They are divided into little cubby holes, so we affectionately refer to them as "the cubs."

Here's the before:

They went through quite a process to get to what they look like now in our house, but it was well worth the work. First, I sanded them (yes, every little cub).  Then, we painted two coats of yellow paint and they looked like this:

Next, we beat them up a little... this was fun.  After that we stained them.  Finally, Justin added some sheet metal to the sides and backs of a few of the holes.  Here he is in action:

Isn't he so cute?  :)

Here they are right after we moved them into the house!

Finally, here they are all fluffed.  They make us smile. 

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