Monday, October 11, 2010

Up and Down

I've been looking at many different aspects of houses.  We are planning to build one.  So, I'm trying to see what things will look like and find pictures of what I've got in my mind to share with my fiance'.  I've recently been searching for stairs and I've found some interesting things.  Check out this site.  It's quite modern, and most of the designs would not "go" in my house, but very cool.  I found the picture below is from the blog, ouno design.  Which led me to the blog stair porn, which has every stair you could ever imagine, pretty amazing.

Can you imagine trying to walk up and down these?

One of the first things I was taught in interior design was: "form follows function."   While the form of the pic on the left is pretty awesome, I'm not so sure about the function.  Although, I don't think the point is for them to be super functional, I still can't imagine myself trying to get down them before I've had my coffee in the morning. :)  

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